Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's Another "Look What I Found!" Holiday Bell's About To Ring!

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2nd edition: 
Wow, Look what I found!
Rainbow Ripple Afghan Blanket

I love things I can touch, and when I found this Rainbow Ripple Crochet Blanket I just wanted to dig my fingers into it! 

I hopped onto my Magic carpet and flew right over.


It’s a transatlantic flight so it took a while, which gave me a bit of time to look into this cute shop a little farther.
About CrochetByParis
The name of the shop is CrochetedByParis, and is located in London. That’s right, London, baby! Paris is the owner and this gal can crochet anything!  Her Etsy “about” page has pictures of her “works” which not only include crocheted rainbow ipad/tablet covers and tissue box covers, Paris also has crocheted frosted donuts (and hair bun donuts, too) and even crocheted apple ‘cozies’?? They kind of reminded me of maryjane shoes for my granny smith apples!  I jest, because they do actually have a purpose. They keep your apples from bruising when you pack them in your bag. Actually, they’re quite precious!
I love them!
Apple Cozy
By the way, did I mention that Paris taught herself how to crochet by watching Youtube how-to’s?  She doesn’t use patterns very often either, she does it by sight! Now that’s a great brain toning exercise, if I do say so myself.  She’s also a goal driven artist, as I have found. She strives to make her business the best. It shows in her shop announcement which ends with the following words: “If you can't find what you're looking for just ask, nothing is impossible!”
You are about to find out exactly what she means!
Not only does Paris have the beautiful Rainbow Ripple Afghan at her shop, I also found some really cute items! For instance she has a set of cutlery cuffs!  Yes, that’s right!  They’re Santa cutlery cuffs! Red and White!
Cutlery Cuffs
You will love your visit to CrochetedByParis when you discover some really neat things, like her crocheted tree ornaments, eyeballs, spider webs, even a crocheted bowl! She  has crocheted pet beds, and on top of all of this she also has all the regular type of crocheted items, like cup cozies, fingerless mittens (laugh, but once you try them, you'll never go back to regular mittens), crocheted food (go there and prove me wrong) and scarves, hats (some with ears), and much, much, more!

After looking at all of Paris’s items I think my favorite one is her crocheted Cowl Infinity Scarf. I love the earthy shade, and its drape looks perfect for winter weather without being too tight in the neck area.  Yes, if it hadn't been the cowl, it would be that set of Cutlery Cuffs. They are perfect for informal Holiday Party Cheer!
Infinity Cowl Scarf
I had a very exciting visit at the CrochetedbyParis Etsy shop! With the Holiday Season approaching, Paris has some really fun and useful crochet items!
You should check it out!
Well, it's late and time to return back to the Pacific Northwest, where it’s about to start raining and probably won’t stop until March……Again I jest. I think.

Pet Bed
wants pet bed.

will steal pet bed as soon as he steps out of it
Does this really need a caption?
Frosted Donuts

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