Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pearls4Girls ~ Spring time Favorites, Classic Pearls in Swarovski Crystal Elements

Spring time comes, and I have been extremely busy with the new line Pearls4Girls.

Pearls4Girls are classic pearls made with Swarovski Crystal Element Pearls, which are great items to work with since they are always uniform and available in many colors, with new colors being introduced periodically. Sizes also range from the really big to the dinky sizes.

So without further ado, here is a smattering of the Pearls4Girls custom work!

Starting off with classic pearls. All of these pearls have been created with classic pearl knotting, using French Wire, and always knotted on silk which offers the best drape possible.  Each necklace has a safety clasp, and my surprise was that of all the clasps available, every single person chose the same clasp! It is understandable when you see it on the necklace. It is a puffy diamond shaped clasp with inset rhinestone crystals on the front and back sides!

Snow Pearls
Classic whites.  These necklaces are 8mm pearls in two different lengths. 22" and 19"

Snow Pearls 22"
Snow Drops

Snow Pearls Bracelet 7"
Snow Pearls 19"
Double Drop Snow Pearls, oval leverbacks

Snow Pearls ~ Snow Balls

Cinder Pearls
Classic Blacks.
Cinder Drops with Black Diamond Squaredells

Cinder Pearls 19"

 Tahitian Best known for their blackish green shade also called peacock pearls.
Tahitian Pearl Bracelet 7"

Tahitian Drops with Black Diamond Squaredells

Tahitian Pearl Drops in 14kgf and Vermeil
Other colors!

Golden Bronze Tiger Tail Drops

Tiger Tail Pearls - Double Drop,Tail Tips

Sky Pearls


Cinder and Sky Pearls
Fun color blends
The Tahitian Blend (bottom) are large pearls!

Tiger Tail Pearls

Large Pearls  12mm
Tahitian Blend 22"
Colors include Tahitian, Maroon, Vintage gold,
Antique Brass, Brown and Dark Green

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