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The Color of Summer ~ Opalite

One of the Summer colors I am working with this year, is a pastel blend of all shades, and that usually means nacres, opals, moonstones, labradorites and all the fun rainbow makers.
The original request was for moonstones, in large sizes, and one to be carved in a certain shape, an ensemble, with a bracelet and earrings, and to keep it affordable, too. Well, it turned out that my shopper was thinking that moonstone and opalite were the same thing...Lucky call.

  • Opalite (manmade opal) is a trade name for synthetic opalized glass and various opal simulants, which range in shades from colorless to a milky variety that changes hues depending upon the light that hits it, and the angle from which the light strikes.  Opalite looks different depending upon the color that sits directly under it. Worn over back and it appears blue.  Over white and pinks and yellow hues appear.  Opalite is carved into shapes, and used in jewelry among other industry uses.  Opalite is also known as Sea Opal.  Even though Opalite is man made like a genuine stone each piece can be unique and color depth is not necessarily uniform.
Carved Opalite ~ Rosebud

First the necklace.  I found this pretty East West oval opalite already set, and ready to go, and it was a nice sized piece 40x30mm.  The request was for a long necklace, opera length, with straight chain, no segments. 

Opalite on white shows a range of colors depending upon the angle of light that strikes it.
 So I made it a locket style chain, a stationary location for the pendant to stay put.
Over black the Opalite's blue shows.
This long necklace goes easily over the head, however a clasp trimmed with Opalite accents was added.

Next, the earrings were made using simple enhancers and handmade sterling silver earwires also trimmed with Opalite. The transverse earwire loops allow the offset cut-out rings to face forward when worn.
Offset cut-out rings face forward when worn.

Low positioned rear lighting brings out the reds shades.
Opalite looks white and milky over white.
For the bracelet I utilized several different sizes of Opalite in a repeating pattern.

Opalite bracelet with toggle clasp.

Silver colored wavy chips and spacers were added for accent and a sterling silver Toggle clasp was added for styling.

Opalite with over head lighting

Good rendition showing that each piece of opalite is unique and not all are uniform in color or depth.
And finally, a late bloomer: Another ultra long Opera length pendant neclace featuring an oval offset cut-out opalite with a segmented cahin of opalite accents.

Colorful Oval Opera Length Necklace

Thanks for joining me in my Summer of many colors:  Opalite.  

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