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Let The Holidays Begin! This year, it's wiresNpliers & More!

Lapis Lazuli Solitaire Necklace

We're showcasing wiresNpliers, along with our MiSFiTS and House of Tor items this year! 
ArtFire & Etsy items from wiresNpliers, House of Tor and MiSFiTS items are all co-mingled in one post.

First, we'll start with Artfire's offerings from wiresNpliers:

It's all about the ocean with this Double Link Niobium Bracelet featuring Nacres of the sea.  Paua and Nacre from the Abalone, including nacre in the shape of a tabular (manmade shapes of freshwater pearl growing).  The Niobium is anodized in multicolored rings, and included are black niobium rings all connected together into a double link bracelet, each color separated by black.

Niobium Double Link Nacre Bracelet

Oceanside Double Link Chain

Lapis Lazuli, in a rosary link chain.  Like a rosary each bead of Lapis Lazuli is separated by links of copper and chain.  In true rosary style this necklace has a stationary pendant in front which hangs on a chained tail.  A long Necklace this one hangs mid chest at just over 26" and because it is a rosary chain (every link is wrapped together) a clasp has been added for safe wearing.

Lapiz Lazuli Chained Necklace

front view

Rosary Chained Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Lapiz Lazuli Solitaire Necklace in Copper.  A single Lapis Lazuli long teardrop bead capped and hanging on a rolo chain.  At 17 inches long, this Princess length necklace will hang high, just below the neckline.

Lapis Lazuli Solitaire Necklace
Lapis Lazuli Solitaire Necklace

Antique Millifiori Glass Bead Necklace.  Beautiful Handmade Millifiori beads from the Art Deco age, many say these beads are Venetian made, and they came to me on a metal linked necklace that was tarnished, disheveled and partly damaged. So I dismantled the necklace saving the metal and some gold plastic separator beads, then remade the necklace in a hand knotted style of waxed polycord and added Czech red and yellow separator beads, with new metal gold accents that gives this beautiful necklace its rightful weight and classic beauty.  This necklace also features one of my niobium clasping systems.  This necklace screams "Boho" in fact it is more Boho, perhaps even more "gypsy" than most you will find!

Boho  Antique Black Millifiori Glass Necklace
Boho Antique Black Millifiori Glass Necklace

Our next stop is at where we will change it up with a visit to the MiSFiTS shop.  A little background about MiSFiTS:
  • Just because you're broken, it doesn't mean your life is over. It just means that you now walk a different path. A Phoenix rises. Up from the ashes a new form cometh.  In other words; It's Jewelry with baggage, jewelry with a past, or a new look.  Totally affordable.
Our visit to MiSFiTS will not be featuring any retrofitted jewelry today, though it is all there awaiting your perusal.  Today, we are featuring a new section at MiSFiTS called "The Learning Curve" which is exactly as its name implies. It is referred to as a 'magic section' because it is invisible when there is nothing in it, and only appears when something new is being learned.  Items here are new techniques that I am learning, so they may include some design glitches and imperfections, however each piece is completely finished and ready to go. Call these prototypes, these are real one-of-a-kinds to the Nth degree!  And where better to market them, but at MiSFiTS!

Introducing:  Jewelry Hairpins

 Made on standard or heavy duty hair pins, these are delicate and lightweight and will certainly brighten up any hairstyle.  In the salon these were the types of adornments we apply to our finished updos and wedding styles, but they can be worn anytime by anyone, on sleek tightly wrapped 'dos' or the more rustic and tousled styles, up or down.
Each hair pin style is made completely by hand whether shaped or free formed, twirled and beaded, this "Twist Art" is art for the hair.

Winterberry Red
Scarlet red 'firefly' beads in two sizes twisted in black. 
Like Winterberry Holly
Winterberry Red

Winterberry Red

Peach & Mauve Jeweled Hair pins
Four jeweled hair pins with freshwater pearls and trademark crystal accents
 in various designs
Peach and Mauve hair pins

Mauve pearls, bronzy plum pearls, Golden Shadow.

 Aqua Duo
Pair ~ semi-matching aqua on heavy duty hair pins, antique bronze wire

Directionally faced design on heavy duty hair pin.

Coin pearls, pale aqua pearls with trademark crystals in the shade of indicolite

And now we move on to The House of Tor shop also residing at Etsy.Most of the items featured in this post are here, at the House of Tor, so descriptions will be limited but pieces will be directly linked back to the shop.
  • House of Tor is the shop for over-the-top items, hand mades and more.

Delicate Earth
5 row Boho gemstone cuff
Beaded Boho Statement Bracelet Cuff

Holiday Cuff
3 row Boho cuff
Vintage Inspired Christmas Cuff Bracelet

5 row beaded Rustic Boho earthy cuff
Jasper and Beach Stone Rustic Beaded Statement Cuff
5 row flat bead cuff
Green and Yellow College Colors
~ Twist Art  ~

 Midnight Stars necklace
Iolite and Tanzanite

Iolite and tanzanite dark crystal Boho necklace

 Midnight Stars earrings
Iolite and tanzantie 

Iolite and tanzanite dark crystal Boho earrings

 Coral N Cream
Occluded crystal pendant in red and cream pearls 
in bronze

Coral N Cream Boho Statement Necklace

Coral N Cream earrings
Red and cream pearls in bronze
niobium ear wires
Coral N Cream Boho Earrings

Ruby Vine necklace
Ruby and green vines on black

Ruby, hand cut,Boho statement necklace

Ruby Vines earrings
Ruby and green vine on black
black niobium ear wires
Hand cut ruby on vines Boho Statement earrings

~ More items ~

Spears of stone
Picasso jasper

long stone dangles

Ammonite in Titanium Aura necklace
Double link niobium chain and paua blades

Ocean - paua and titanium finish ammonite and niobium chain

And now some special request peronalized pieces.  (Always welcomed at House of Tor)

Opalite Spears

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet with sisters clasp

Lapis Lazuli earrings

Lapis Lazuli Statement Necklace

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful time this year and in the coming year, too!

House of Tor, wiresNpliers, MiSFiTS

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