Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Down by the Seashore

I have been remiss in updating this post, in fact, it's almost time to make a new post, and I haven't even finished this one yet. sheesh!  It's time to bite the bullet and just 'do it.' So here they are:

New items have arrived at the wiresNpliers Artfire site!  It was time for the silk to come out for awhile.  Lots of tin cup necklaces with matching earrings in addition to some other items.
So here they are!


Blue Star Pearl Earrings
Turquoise Howlite Starfish with Silver Pearls

 Turquoise Starfish and Mixed Pearls
Turquoise Howlite Starfish and Mixed Pearl Tin Cup Necklace

Carnelian Stars
Caranelian and Creamy Howlite Starfish Tin Cup Necklace

Carnelian Star Earrings
Carnelian and Howlite Gemstone Earrings

Minty Stars
Creamy Antiqued Howlite Starfish and Minty Pearl Tin Cup Necklace

Minty Stars
Minty Pearl and Howlite Starfish Earrings

Fun Jewelry

Carnelian Boho Cuff Bracelet
Carnelian and Bronze Distressed Leather Cuff with Toggle Button Clasp

Cool Tube Necklaces called Cool Tubes, because they're cool and they're tubes.

Cool Tubes:  Cool
Dressed in Cool Metals (silver shades)

Cool Tubes:  Warm
Dressed in Warm Metals (shiny copper shades)

Flower, Neck Candy
Pressed glass flowers in assorted colors with cobalt blue and silver accents.
Flower, Neck Candy with a handmade sterling silver squiggly clasp

Pale Blue and Amber Golden Necklace
Pale Blue and Amber swirled glass, hand knotted in silk with golden accents.

Pale Blue and Amber Earrings
Pale Blue and Amber Swirled Glass Earrings (match necklace above)

Oceanside Boho Wrist Cuff

Copper And Crystal Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

Crystal Peach Pearl Floating bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

Mint Green Pearl and Crystal Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

Peach Pearl and Garnet Crystal Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

Peach Pearl and Garnet Crystal Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

~SOLD~Peacock Pearls And Silvered Crystal Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace 

Classic Pink And White - Pink Crystal and White Drop Pearl Floating Bead (Tin Cup) Necklace

Thanks for visiting!

Also see another new wiresNpliers shop at Aftcra!

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